Wine From The Republic Of Georgia - Webinar - No Charge


Thursday, 20th August    



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From WES Studio, London, W3 6PT

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Georgia, which has a wine-making tradition that dates back to the earliest of times, is starting to catch up.  Investment in new vineyards and wineries is already paying dividends and wines are beginning to earn places on the shelves of wine merchants in the UK.  This webinar will take you on a journey of discovery around the vineyards of this fascinating country, where wine making in amphorae (quevri) continues alongside temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and all the latest bells and whistles.  You will also learn about the cultural heritage of the country and the warm and generous hospitality for which the Georgians are renowned.  And if all this sounds like an ad. from a wine tour operator, well it is, because our sister company, Good Wine Tours Limited, is running a tour to Georgia in October this year and we are keen to share our enthusiasm for the country with you.

Tutor: Vivienne Franks with Malcolm Franks.

Availability: Unrestricted.

Wine Suggestion: We have arranged with the Georgian Wine Society for a pack of three bottles of Georgian wine (a crisp, dry white, a quevri ‘orange’ wine and a silky red) to be available for purchase and delivery to your home in time for the webinar.  If you are interested in this arrangement, just follow this link to the Georgian Wine Society website.


Bookings are closed for this event.