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Thursday, 3rd September    



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in 1152, Henry Plantagenet married Eleanor of Acquitane.  Two years later, he became King of England and Acquitaine and Gascony became part of the English realm.  On his succession to the throne, Henry and Eleanor’s son John, granted Acquitaine numerous privileges, including exemption from the levy on ships sailing from Bordeaux to London.  This meant that wines from Bordeaux became much cheaper than other imported wines.  Until the middle of the 14th century, most French wine consumed in England came from south-west France. 25% of Bordeaux wine came here.  All was well until the 100 years war.  In 1453 Gascony reverted to French rule.

Bordeaux wine still has a big following in the UK and the important thing is, as this webinar will demonstrate, you don’t have to pay a fortune to drink it.

Tutor: Pippa Hayward with Sandy Leckie.

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