Spain - Ribera del Duero & Rueda


Tuesday, 13th April    



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From WES Studio, London, W3 6PT

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The vineyards along the banks of the of great Duero river in central Spain are exposed to extreme temperatures in summer and winter yet produce some of Spain’s finest wines – crisp, dry whites from Rueda and elegant, rich, reds from Ribera.

Presenter:  Pippa Hayward with Sandy Leckie.

Availability:  Good.

Wine Suggestions:

From The Wine Society – Verdejo, Finca Lallana, 2019 (£8.95), Cepa Gavillán, Crianza, 2017 (£13.50) and/or Bóhorquez, Reserva, 2010 (£22.00).

From Waitrose Cellar ( – no minimum order and delivery to your door for a small fee) –Verdejo, Beronia, 2019 (£8.99) and ‘Celeste’, Crianza, Famillia Torres, 2017 (£12.99).


Bookings are closed for this event.