Roman Wines


Tuesday, 25th May    



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From WES Studio, London, W3 6PT

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While winemaking did not originate in Rome, the Roman Empire was responsible for advancing the viticulture practices and spreading the enjoyment of wine across Europe and beyond. The effects of the role played by Ancient Rome can still be seen in winemaking today, as many of the techniques and ideas used then continue to be undertaken now when producing wine.

As we don’t think you would have cared very much for the wine styles enjoyed by the Ancient Romans, we will tell you about the wines the people of Rome drink today.

Presenter:  Pippa Hayward with Sandy Leckie.

Availability:  Good.

Wine Suggestions:

From Majestic Wines (Mix Six prices)– Orvietto Superiore, Agrillae, 2019 (£8.99),  Falanghina, 2019, Terredora (£10.99), ‘La Casetta’ Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore. 2017 (£12.99), Vin Santo dei Chianti, Castello di Fernetella, 2015  Half Bottle  (£16.99).

From Waitrose Supermarkets – ‘La Piuma’ Orvieto, 2019 (£7.99), Fiano del Salento, Paolleo, 2019 (£9.99), Ripasso Vin Santo de Montepulciano, Crociane, 2016  Half Bottle (£20.49)


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