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Date & Time:

Thursday, 13th June


London – Holborn,

London School of Economics & Political Science


So, what’s ‘natural wine’? The Wikipedia definition is ‘wine made with minimal chemical and technological intervention, both in growing grapes and making them into wine’.

Some typical traits of natural wine are:-

Made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes (with or without certification)
Dry Farmed and Hand Picked
No Added Sugars
No Foreign Yeasts or Bacteria
No Adjustments for Acidity
No Additives for Colour, Minerality or Texture
No External Flavours
Minimal Fining and Filtration

Some Natural wines have no added sulphites, which makes them perfect for those who want to enjoy wine but may suffer from sulphite intolerance. Those that do add sulphites tend to use very low amounts.

With more and more natural wine coming on to the market in the UK, we thought it was time we organised a tasting of this new genre for you.

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