Essential Wine Tasting


Monday, 13th May – Monday, 10th June    



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London – Bishopsgate
Uncorked Ltd, London – Bishopsgate, EC2M 3WA

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We have introduced this course to meet the needs of those for whom the 8-week “World of Wine” course is too big a commitment.  As its name suggests, it concentrates on the need to know, leaving the nice to know until another occasion.

It consists of 5 two-hour sessions.  6 wines are tasted at each session.  Session topics are:-

1. Tasting Technique & Classic Grape Varieties
Learn how to taste like a professional. Get to know some classic grape varieties.
2. Wine Production & Classic Grape Varieties
Learn what goes on in the vineyards and wineries. Get to know more classic grape varieties.
3. The Wines Of France
Taste classic examples from Champagne, Burgundy, The Rhône Valley and Bordeaux.
4. The Wines Of Other European Countries
Taste stylish examples from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy Portugal, and Spain
5. The Wines Of The New World
Taste signature wines from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile Argentina and California

During the course, we will also cover such practical issues as:

•  Where to find out more about wine
•  The importance of vintages
•  Common wine faults • Buying, storing and serving wine
•  Organic wines
•  Wine and food matching

At the start of the course, we will provide you with a list of the wines to be tasted and a manual containing comprehensive notes on the topics covered including the practical issues, maps of the wine regions and tasting sheets on which to write your tasting notes.


Bookings are closed for this event.