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Tuesday, 17th November    



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Wine has been made in Bulgaria for 5.000 years or more but until the beginning of the 20th century, most of it was drunk locally.   Things started to change when a number of Cooperatives were established along the lines of those in the south of France and many of the wine-makers were sent to France to be trained.  This led to a gradual increase in the volume and quality of wine produced and a thriving export business developed.  After the second world war, the wine industry was nationalised and Bulgaria became the Conecom country responsible for wine production.    Small, privately owned vineyards were taken into state ownnership.  Local grape varieties were replaced by international ones, notably Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Funds to upgrade the wineries were nade available.  Much of the wine produced found its way to Russia and the other Conecom countries but the ripe, fruit-driven styles also found ready markets in the west, notably in Britain.

After the fall of communism in 1989, the Bulgarian wine industry was suddenly liberalised.  This led to a period of disarray as attempts were made to return vineyard land to its original owners.  Re-establishing privately owned wine businesses was hindered by a shortage of funds.  It was only when Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007 that grant aid became available.  Today, the renaissance of the industry is well established.  Wine of good quality is being produced by over 200 wineries, large and small, and the potential for great wine is already evident.

In this webinar, Malcolm and Vivienne, who have already escorted three tours to Bulgaria for our sister wine tour company, Good Wine Tours Limited, will take you on a voyage of discovery around Bulgaria’s wine regions and introduce you to some of its indigenous grape varieties and star producers.

Tutor:  Vivienne Franks with Malcolm Franks.

Availability:  Good

Wine Suggestions:  Bulgarian wines, once readily available in the UK, are much more difficult to find these days.   For this reason, we have arranged for the specialist importer, The Old Cellar ( https://www.theoldcellar.com/) to make packs containing four great Bulgarian wines available for you to buy in advance of the webinar.  The first wine we have selected is a crisp, dry Riesling with a natural sparkle.  The remaining three are made from indigenous grape varieties – an exotic floral white from Misket, a delicate rosé from Melnik and a vibrant, fruity red from Mavrud.  The price of the pack of four wines is £47.50 + £5.95 p & p.  If you would like to buy a pack, please let us know and we will put you in touch with The Old Cellar.  Orders need to be placed by noon on Thursday 12th November to ensure delivery in good time.


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