Our wine tasting evenings are designed to appeal to people who appreciate fine wine.

They are relaxed and informal in style. The tutor will give some background information and then simply introduce each wine and encourage discussion. A wine tasting sheet and, where appropriate, maps will be provided but not detailed notes.

Upcoming Events

Apr 2019

Pinot Noir – The "Heartbreak" Grape • Monday, 29th April in London – Holborn

They call it that because Pinot Noir is particularly difficult to grow and vinify successfully, but for red wine makers around the world, creating the perfect Pinot Noir is the ultimate challenge. We will taste fine examples from Australia, Bulgaria, California, Chile, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and, of course, Burgundy.

Tutor – Pippa Hayward with Sandy Leckie.

May 2019

It's All Happening In Alsace • Thursday, 9th May in London – Holborn

It’s all happening in Alsace. A new generation of young, passionate and talented vignerons and vigneronnes is challenging tradition and pushing boundaries. Bland, off-dry whites are being replaced by pure, crisp, fruit and terroir-expressive wines, simple, deep-rosés by reds of almost Burgundian style and quality.

Our Wine Picks Of The Year • Monday, 13th May in London – Holborn

Every year, at about this time, the Association of Wine Educators, to which all the best wine educators in the country belong, publishes a list of 100 wines that its members have enjoyed tasting and can recommend others to try.

We were delighted to see that WES tutors Carol Brown, John Ducker, Pippa Hayward, Vivienne Franks and Sandy Leckie had a total of 14 of their recommendations accepted for publication in the 2019 edition and have selected 8 of these to share with you at this tasting.

To read the digital version of 100 AWEsome Wines 2019, just follow this link.
Tutor – Vivienne Franks with Malcolm Franks.

Chateau Musar – 8 Mature Reds From A Fabled Lebanese Estate • Thursday, 23rd May in London – Holborn

Another chance to taste a range of mature wines from this world-famous Lebanese estate. This time, we will taste the 2011, 2006, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1995, 1993 and 1991 vintages of the Hochar family’s warm, spicy, Rhône-like red. All the wines will be carefully decanted before the tasting.

Tutor – Sandy Leckie with Malcolm Franks.