Our introductory wine tasting courses are designed as a practical introduction to wine and wine tasting. We don’t assume that you have any particular knowledge of wine, only that you have an interest in it.

Upcoming Events

Jan 2019

The World of Wine • Tuesday, 29th January – Tuesday, 19th March in London – Bishopsgate

Eight-session introductory course on Tuesday evenings.

Feb 2019

Essential Wine Tasting • Monday, 4th February – Monday, 4th March in London – Holborn

Five-session introductory course on Monday evenings

Essential Wine Tasting • Wednesday, 6th February – Wednesday, 6th March in Aberdeen

Five-week Introductory Course on Wednesday evenings

The World of Wine • Wednesday, 6th February – Wednesday, 27th March in London – Holborn

Eight-session introductory course on Wednesday evenings

Mar 2019

Essential Wine Tasting • Tuesday, 12th March – Tuesday, 9th April in London – Holborn

Five-week Introductory Course on Tuesday evenings

Apr 2019

Essential Wine Tasting • Thursday, 25th April – Thursday, 23rd May in Belfast

Five-session introductory course on Thursday evenings