July 2016 – Passerina From Italy + Recipe

A crisp white from the Passerina grape and poached Sole are John Ducker's wine and food matches for July 2016. John writes:- The summer’s heat of the Italian Adriatic provinces may well stand in sharp contrast to the cool and distinctly soggy day that finds me writing this, but lets hope the British July will [...]

June 2016 – Zingy Moselle + Recipe

John writes:- Almost every email I seem to receive nowadays is wine-related, excitedly promoting this or that unmissable new discovery, a formal tasting opportunity, or perhaps offering the chance to invest in the latest vintage of a world classic.   Given the vinous onslaught it is no wonder that I and maybe my colleagues in wine [...]

May 2016 – Cabernet Sauvignon & Recipe

Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra in South Australia and a recipe for marinaded barbequed lamb are John Ducker's recommendations for May. Having recently spent a fortnight with a lively group of people attending a couple of weekend conventions in Australia, some other organized activities were looked for on ‘days off’.   A lunch in Melbourne with my [...]

April 2016 – A Stylish Douro Valley Red

For April 2016, John Ducker has picked a stylish Douro Valley red as his wine of the month. A traditional Portuguese way with Guinea Fowl is his food match. John writes:- Curioser and curioser!   I recently found myself encountering, like Alice through her Looking-glass, a bottle marked ‘DRINK ME’.    Again, like Alice, I approached with caution, but as there [...]

March 2016 – Pinot Blanc From Germany

A Pinot Blanc from Germany is John Ducker's wine of the month for March 2016.  His food match is trout cooked with smoked ham - a traditional Black Forest recipe. John writes:- My wine choice for March offers some really fresh and delicious drinking with a spring in its step, and shows off another face of [...]

February 2016 – Oregon Pinot Noir

A Pinot Noir from Oregon is John Ducker's wine pick for this month. Perhaps echoing the grumbling of the Euro-sceptics on our own shores, the vignerons of France seem none too happy with the latest wine edict from Brussels which came into force on January 1st this year. The new EU liberalization that now extends [...]

January 2016 – Riesling From Australia + Recipe for Twice-cooked Pimento Soufflé ‘Suisesse’

The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used more than ever just recently to describe the worst the weather can throw at significant parts of north Britain, and clearly (whatever your own views on global warming) there seems to be plenty of evidence to show that the world’s climate is becoming ever more capricious in its apparent [...]

December 2015 – Terras Gauda ‘O Rosal’ + Recipe for Caldeirada con ajada

It is perhaps difficult to equate the popular image of sunny ‘holiday’ Spain with that of a country capable of producing coolly elegant, crisp, aromatic dry white wines – but if you know the country’s attractively rugged coastal province of Galicia which sits atop Portugal’s northern border, then you’ll remember that the picture is rather [...]

November 2015 – Loire Valley Cabernet Franc

I had originally wanted to show you an autumn ‘warmer’ as the colder days of winter threaten to advance, and to that end I had ordered ‘sight unseen’ from one of my favourite wine merchants a fine red wine from the Rhône Valley.   Sadly, to my own palate, that wine’s sheer size and weight of [...]

September 2015 – Merlot From Chile

If the Alsace Pinot Gris is my ‘white’ choice for September, the ‘red’ is in a much humbler bracket – a real surprise discovery from the hinterland of a supermarket bottom shelf!   There’s no elevated classiness here, merely good value at a bargain price, and I can’t see anything wrong in that.     One is probably [...]