What makes our wine tastings, wine courses and wine tasting events special?

  1. Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers
  2. Great Tutors
  3. An Unparalleled Range of Courses
  4. Small Classes
  5. Flexible Booking
  6. Impartial Advice

Satisfied Customers

We have been running wine tastings and wine tasting courses in London for over 25 years, in Manchester for over 15 in Aberdeen and Birmingham for over 10 and in Belfast for 4.

Over this time, we have created a following of over 10,000 satisfied customers.

And today, over 60% of new customers book for our wine tastings and wine tasting courses on the personal recommendation of a friend or colleague.

Great Tutors

Our tutors are at the top of their profession. All are qualified to WSET Diploma level and are members of the UK Association of Wine Educators, the professional body for those who make their living in whole or in part from teaching about wine. Many are also members of the elite Circle of Wine Writers.

All travel widely to keep their wine knowledge up to date.

Skilled communicators, they know how to make wine tasting and learning about wine fun.

An Unparalleled Range of Courses

We were the first in the UK to offer a comprehensive range of wine tastings, wine tasting courses and wine tasting events designed primarily to appeal to wine consumers rather than aspiring members of the wine trade.

In addition to weekly wine tastings in London, we organise over 30 introductory wine tasting courses a year in London and other UK cities, over 20 intermediate and advanced wine tasting courses and, for those with hectic weekday schedules, wine tasting workshops on Saturdays, when lunch is an integral part of the day.

Although wine consumers still make up the majority of our customers, our London wine tastings and intermediate and advanced wine courses are growing in appeal to people studying for their wine trade qualifications, especially WSET Diploma and the prestigious, but for many, elusive Master of Wine qualification.

Small Classes

We know of some wine course providers who pack 30 people or more into a class.

We think that’s way too many. In a class of that size, learning is more difficult, participation is inhibited and you never get to know the other people in the room.

We limit bookings for our introductory, intermediate and advanced wine tasting courses and our Saturday wine tasting workshops to 16 people – much more sociable, much more fun.

Flexible Booking

Many people who sign up for our wine tasting courses on weekday evenings lead busy lives, working under pressure and travelling on business, often at short notice.

We understand the problem. If you have to miss a course session, you may either send a substitute or pick up that session on a subsequent course. Just let us know and we will make the arrangements. We make no charge for this and set no time limit!

Impartial Advice

Many wine tastings and wine tasting courses are run by wine merchants. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to get potential customers into their stores and promote sales of their wines.

We are not wine merchants. We don’t sell wine. We are not paid by any wine merchant to promote their wines.

So, at our wine tastings and on our wine courses, you will never come under any pressure to buy wine.

The wines we select for you to taste are intended to illustrate the main points of the wine course session or the theme of the wine tasting.

We hope you will enjoy most of the wines we give you to taste but don’t necessarily expect you to enjoy them all.

Your course tutor will help you to understand what makes a wine enjoyable. But he or she will also tell you if a wine is too young, too old, too acidic, too alcoholic or just plain faulty. Just imagine a wine merchant doing that!

Wherever possible, we buy the wines we give you to taste from local retail outlets. We will tell you where we bought them and how much we paid. So, if you like a particular wine, you can shop for more with confidence and without difficulty.